your black belt in teaching

Martial arts have tremendous potential for improving everyday life and making us better people.

In this context, the martial arts master has great powers and therefore also great responsibilities.

Yes, just like Spider-Man.

Continue on this site to get resources to increase your teaching powers and better manage your responsibilities.

(Spiderman level not guaranteed)

About Me

I have been training in martial arts and combat disciplines for 35 years.
I have 25 years of experience teaching in classes and private.
I lead courses and instructor updates all over the world for Krav Maga Global of which I am also the Italian director.
For about 20 years I have been studying teaching and learning theories.
I continually update myself while maintaining a white belt mentality

My Services


Skype consultancy

A consulting via Skype is the best solution to deal with a specific problems.

The session is built around the intructor’s requestes. 

The session works like a chat in which we will do an analysis of what you want to improve and together we will find an action plan that meets your needs.

If you have a specific problem in conducting the class, growing your group, promoting yourself or managing your energy, contact me for a session via skype.


Training seminar

The seminars allow for the combination of theoretical explanation and practical activity.

Contact me for one day smeinar on a specific topic. We can work with your class or with your instrucotrs pool. (or both!)

During the seminar we will have the opportunity to work through simulations and micro-teaching sessions highlighting the possibilities for improvement.

Compared to consultancy, a seminar has the advantage of being able to involve a pool of instructors and amortize costs through an event dedicated to practitioners.




5-day training course

This course is designed for the instructor who wants to have complete training, both practical and theoretical, on issues related to teaching, class management and personal promotion.

Compared to individual events, it offers an organic approach that frames each topic within a self-reinforcing structure. In this training offer there are modules that are not available in the one-day programs.

The topics that are covered in the one-day modules are in any case treated and deepened with advanced elements.


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