About Me

A bit of my history

I’m Massimo Fenu, nice to meet you

Massimo Fenu

I have 35 years of experience as a practitioner and 25 as a teacher in the field of martial arts and combat sports.

I started at 12 with traditional martial arts and then moved on to combat sports and self-defense systems.

In 1996 when I started teaching I immediately realized that my level as an athlete did not give me any advantage as a teacher.

Teaching, creating a group and making it grow, keeping my business at an economically sustainable level were all skills I had to learn. In 2003 I started my path in Mental Coaching, revolutionizing my way of understanding practice and teaching.

I specialized in teaching techniques and performance improvement, testing their effectiveness on myself. It was tough, and still it’s so.
I believe that a good teacher has to preserve a white belt mindset. 

I competed in Karate, kickboxing, stick fighting (I was Italian champion for Nova Scrimia) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (got 2 silver medals and 1 bronze at the European Open IBJJF).

I am the Italian director of Krav Maga Global for which I also work within the international team for training new instructors. I keep updating myself every day by training, studying and attending updates.

“You are truly master of something when you are able to teach
it to anyone.”