My books

The Martial Arts Instructor’s Pocket Survival Guide

7 Strategies to Become a Professional, Skillful, and Valued Trainer by Changing Your Approach to Martial Arts Practice and Teaching.

This book could be a wet blanket and undermine many of your strongly held convictions. Whether you’re a martial arts practitioner or a coach, you might find plenty of ideas that are different from what you’ve always believed. 

Therein lies the value of what you’re reading, even though it might sometimes irk you. This book offers you new solutions and a new perspective. 

What I present in this manual is the result of over 30 years of practice in the field as a student and 20 years as an instructor.

Every single word in this book is the result of a great many hours spent studying, attending seminars and refresher courses, comparing notes with colleagues, and at least four times as many hours of hands-on application. 

In short, what I write about has been tested over more than 20 years of coaching, on real-life classes and situations. 

This is the book I would have liked to have back when I started, because it would have saved me from many mistakes and false starts.


“Leaders don’t create followers, they create new leaders.”
– Tom Peters