Consultancy – One day seminar – Training course

Skype counseling

Consulting via Skype (or other equivalent means) is the best tool to deal with specific problems.

The session is built around the needs of the instructor. Whether in terms of “problem – solution” or theoretical aspects or suggestions for building a path of growth.

Here are some of the most requested topics:

Consultancy relating to the class / training group. (create it, make it grow, keep it)

Consultancy relating to problematic, disturbing and / or challenging people;

How to get new ideas to design effective, motivating and fun lessons;

Consultancy relating to the planning of a year of lessons and the management of uneven groups;

Correct use of social media and how to avoid the most common mistakes;

Sparring progression protocols;
How to create exercises, games or simulations preparatory to the techniques to be taught;

How to propose yourself for private lessons, motivate and keep your loyal customers;

Critical elements to consider when organizing and holding an internship.


One day seminar training

In-person seminars  allow for the combination of theoretical explanation and practical activity.

This allows you to go deeper into a specific topic and to immediately check the possible errors that could arise through simulations and micro-teaching sessions.

Compared to consultancy, they also have the advantage of being able to involve a pool of instructors and amortize costs through an internship dedicated to students.

Here are some examples of topics you can request:

Conducting a seminar.
Conducting a seminar is an extremely useful tool for keeping your group of students motivated by offering something different and specific, bringing together multiple groups by improving the sense of belonging, promoting discipline externally.

Private lessons: how to market yourself and manage clients.
Private lessons are the optimal solution for people who need specific paths, difficulties in carving out fixed days and times for group lessons or simply prefer the one-to-one mode to have a tailor-made growth.

Exercises and games preparatory to martial practice.
Repetition of the basics is the foundation of improvement. Unfortunately, our brain gets used to it quickly and tends to perform less if the repetition is not conveyed through diversified stimuli.

From designing a program for an year to the single lesson.
One of the keys to keeping your class motivated, while increasing the perception of your professionalism, is to have a well-modulated schedule throughout the year.

5 days Training course

This course is designed for the instructor who wants to have complete training, both practical and theoretical, on issues related to teaching, class management and personal promotion.

Compared to single events, it offers an organic approach that frames every single topic within a self-reinforcing structure. In this training offer there are modules that are not available in the one-day programs.
The topics that are covered in the one-day modules are in any case treated and deepened with advanced elements.

The complete path includes:

-General learning theory and motivation mechanisms.
-Type of customers.
-How to know and exploit your motivational drivers as an instructor.
-Personal branding elements.
-Types of groups and rules of operation for healthy, long-lived and able to grow groups.
-Plan a year of training.
-Plan a lesson, learn to adapt, design a lesson based on a specific request.
-How to design exercises, games and simulations to speed up group learning.
-Hold a seminar, work on specific paths, such as working on already formed groups (law enforcement, armed forces, security agencies).
-How to use the internship to promote yourself,
– How to market yourself for private lessons, develop packages/courses of lessons oriented to a goal, make the client talk about us, keep him motivated and aware of his improvements.
-How to organize level tests for your students and make the event a moment of cohesion, motivation and promotion.
-Advanced teaching techniques for advanced students.
-Basic elements for creating promotional content. (creation of photographic and video material; creation of posters).
-How to use social media and which ones to use to grow your school.

The right time to plant a tree was yesterday.

In martial arts, as in life, those who hesitate are forced to chase.